World Malaria Day 2018 in DRC

Democratic Republic of Congo

We respond to emergencies and assist people fleeing violence and armed conflict. In 2018, we have responded to two Ebola outbreaks, in Equateur and North Kivu provinces respectively.

We run some of our largest programmes in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), working in 20 of 26 provinces and responding to diseases outbreaks, conflict and displacement, and health problems such as HIV/AIDs.

The population has little access to healthcare, and outbreaks are frequent due to poor surveillance and infrastructure. Violence has led to crises in the Kivus, Tanganyika and Kasai regions and forced millions to flee. Three of our staff, abducted in North Kivu in 2013, are still missing.

Key activities

Journal article

Mortality Rates above Emergency Threshold in Population Affected by Conflict in North Kivu

18 Sep 2014
Journal article
Liberia - Foya Ebola management centre
Democratic Republic of Congo

MSF opens Ebola treatment centres in Lakolia and Boende

Project Update 9 Sep 2014
MSF Ebola Training Brussels 2014
Democratic Republic of Congo

Ebola Epidemic confirmed in Democratic Republic of Congo: MSF sends specialists and material to the epicentre

Press Release 26 Aug 2014
Access to medicines

Pushing the envelope

Report 6 Aug 2014
Democratic Republic of Congo

A team of MSF vaccinated 38,000 children against measles in Minova before continuing the campaign in Kalonge

Project Update 25 Jul 2014
Panay Island - Mental health
Democratic Republic of Congo

“I have trouble believing that such a level of horror is possible”

Voices from the Field 16 Jul 2014
Democratic Republic of Congo

MSF team treats survivors of abduction, sexual slavery and torture in mining region of eastern Congo

Project Update 16 Jul 2014
Journal article

Description of a large measles epidemic in Democratic Republic of Congo, 2010–2013

14 Jul 2014
Journal article
Maban, South Sudan
War and conflict

Where is everyone?

Report 6 Jul 2014
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