"Because Tomorrow Needs Her" communications project - Repairing Fistulas in Burundi
Women's health

Women's Health: Because Tomorrow Needs Her

Worldwide, 800 women die every day from pregnancy-related causes. Many victims of sexual violence go without any medical or psychological care. Millions of newborns die in the first weeks of life from preventable causes. Every day 700 children come into the world with HIV.

There are challenges keeping women in developing countries from getting the care they need, the services that should be easily accessible to them.

MSF launched a multimedia project Because Tomorrow Needs Her to address these challenges.

Because Tomorrow Needs Her explores challenges through the experiences of MSF field workers: doctors, midwives, nurses and counsellors. These field workers share stories of especially memorable patients and describe how field teams have often managed to overcome difficult issues, times when they haven’t, and what still needs to be done. Patients and patients’ relatives also share the challenges they face in getting care. And through striking photo stories and s, we see what those challenges mean for individual women.

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Women's health
Press Release 6 March 2015