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Inpatient Male Department, Al-Nasser Hospital - Ad Dhale

“When you add it all up, you’re looking at a devastating situation for the people of Yemen”

Four years into the recent conflict, Robert Onus, MSF’s former head of mission in Yemen, describes its impact on people across the country. Interview - 6 Dec 2018
Catching Mosquitoes to Fight Malaria

Catching mosquitoes to fight malaria

MSF entomologist Jeanine Loonen describes the research she undertook in Gambella, Ethiopia to find out how to better protect people from mosquitoes and contracting malaria. Photo Story - 7 Sep 2018
Rohingya camp expansion
Rohingya refugee crisis

Crisis update – May 2018

May 2018 update on activities in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, providing care for Rohingya refugees who have fled Myanmar. Crisis Update - 23 May 2018
Sexual and Reproductive Health in the Community
Rohingya refugee crisis

Crisis update - March 2018

More than six months into the beginning of the latest Rohingya exodus, people continue to flee from Myanmar into Bangladesh fearing for their lives and seeking safety. A total of 3,236 refugees are reported to have entered Bangladesh in February alone. Crisis Update - 15 Mar 2018
Rohingya New arrivals
Rohingya refugee crisis

“We don’t have anywhere else to go”

Having fled indescribable violence in Myanmar, Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh must now contend with new dangers: precarious living conditions, the upcoming rainy season and fears for personal safety after dark. Voices from the Field - 15 Mar 2018
MSF Hurricane Matthew Response in Haiti

Crisis Info 1 - Hurricane Matthew, October 2016

Crisis Update - 21 Oct 2016

Malaria caused by the falciparum parasite spreading throughout country

By Ana Zaratiegui, MSF’s head of medical operations in in Latin America Project Update - 15 Aug 2016
MSF Yellow Fever Vaccination in DRC

MSF teams help curb yellow fever

Project Update - 31 May 2016
Seeking malaria treatment around Aweil, South Sudan
Disease prevention

Five epidemics to watch

Five diseases with the potential to become epidemics in 2016 are being highlighted by MSF. “We know that thousands of lives will be at risk in the year to come. Press Release - 25 Jan 2016
Cyclones Hit The Southeast Coast of Yemen

MSF provides help to people affected by the cyclones in the province of Hadramaut

Two cyclones in one week hit the southeast coast of Yemen early November and did major damage. Hundreds of families have lost their homes in the provinces of Hadramaut. In Moukalla, the main city of the governorate, small houses have not withstood the tornado, torrents of water spilled into the city and destroyed bridges and infrastructures. Project Update - 1 Dec 2015
World Malaria Day 2018 in DRC
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Independent medical humanitarian assistance

We provide medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare. Our teams are made up of tens of thousands of health professionals, logistic and administrative staff - most of them hired locally. Our actions are guided by medical ethics and the principles of independence and impartiality. We are a non-profit, self-governed, member-based organisation.

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