Snapshots from Northern Syria
Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed in this devastating war. Over 11 million people have been uprooted and humanitarian assistance has been consistently obstructed or denied.

Civilian areas have been routinely bombed and deprived of assistance, and access to healthcare remains extremely poor in many areas. MSF’s presence is significantly constrained despite the immense needs. The Syrian government has not granted MSF authorisation to operate in the country, and our presence in areas outside government control is limited by insecurity. We run or directly support 13 health facilities in northern Syria, and provide remote support to around 25 health facilities countrywide.

Why are we here?

The Suffering You Don't Think of in Syria (ENG)

The Suffering You Don't Think of in Syria (ENG)


The suffering you don't think of in Syria

Interview with our medical coordinator

When you think of war, you might not think about what happens to children who go unvaccinated or patients struggling with diabetes. But while bombs and gunfire cause death and destruction across large parts of Syria, many more people are threatened by the collapsing medical system. The long-term consequences can be tragic. In northern Syria, our teams are trying to get people the medical attention they need–from preventive care to treatment for chronic diseases. In this , our medical coordinator in Syria in August 2017 responds to three questions about the main key needs our teams see.

Aarsal clinic

One year after the battle, medical needs remain high in Arsal

Project Update 16 Aug 2018
Airstrikes in Hassakeh

MSF Hassakeh hospital seeing an increase in casualties of airstrikes in northeast Syria

Project Update 21 Jun 2018
Idlib, a crowded IDP camp

In dust and despair, displaced Syrians wait

Project Update 8 Jun 2018
Tal Abyad Hospital

Seeking to assist Syrians, wherever they are in need of help

Press Release 23 May 2018
Tal Abyad hospital: Noora

Treating patients with chronic conditions in a war context

Project Update 16 May 2018
Qalaat al-Madiq buses

Newly displaced Syrians face multiple challenges in Idlib and northern Hama

Project Update 14 May 2018