Yemeni chronicles
Indiscriminate bombings and chronic shortages of supplies and staff have led to the closure of more than half of Yemen's health facilities.

Recent outbreaks of diseases such as cholera and diphtheria and an upsurge in fighting have exacerbated the already dire humanitarian situation in Yemen. More than three million people have been displaced since the war started in 2015. With an estimated 20 million in need of humanitarian assistance, our activities in Yemen are among our most extensive worldwide. We work in 13 hospitals and health centres in 12 governorates and support 20 public health facilities across the country.

Why we are here?

YEMEN - 3 Questions to Mercedes TATAY - ENGLISH

Understanding what's happening in Yemen


3 questions in 3 minutes on the humanitarian situation in Yemen

March 2018

Dr Mercedes Tatay, MSF International Medical Secretary, back from Yemen gives a round up of the medical and humanitarian situation, MSF's activities and the global aid response.

REPORT: Getting staff and supplies to Yemen (ENG)

Getting staff and supplies into Yemen


Getting staff and supplies into Yemen

Interview with Adrien Williot, MSF coordinator in Djibouti (March 2018)

In 2017, our logistics base in Djibouti arranged more than 200 flights to Yemen, carrying more than 500 tonnes of cargo and 1,200 staff going to work in the country.

This gives facts and figures for 2017, offering an insight into the scale and difficulties of getting staff and supplies across to Yemen.

MSF in Al Dhale and Taiz, Yemen. July 2015

MSF suspends activities after attack in Ad Dhale

Statement 2 Oct 2018
Surgical field hospital, Mocha, Yemen

MSF opens a surgical field hospital in Mocha to treat war-wounded patients

Statement 1 Aug 2018
Taiz, Yemen

“In Taiz, people are still hopeful for a stronger future.”

Interview 23 Jul 2018
MSF bio lab at MSF’s Aden hospital

“Our concern is that fighting could turn Hodeidah into a besieged city”

Voices from the Field 26 Jun 2018
24 Jun 2018

Our teams have been supporting #AlSalam hospital in #Khamer, since 2010. Today, the security situation in this go…

MSF bio lab at MSF’s Aden hospital

MSF provides support to hospitals treating wounded from Hodeidah

Project Update 14 Jun 2018
North Yemen: living under daily coalition airstrikes
Photo Story

Living under daily coalition airstrikes

18 May 2018
Photo Story
Victims of airstrike in Sanaa

MSF-supported hospitals treat mass casualties caused by airstrikes in Sana'a

Press Release 8 May 2018

MSF condemns airstrikes on a wedding party in Hajjah

Press Release 25 Apr 2018