Malaria and Paediatrics care in Aweil

South Sudan

Years of conflict have forced millions of people from their homes.

Exposed to extreme violence and living in fear for their lives, hundreds of thousands of people in South Sudan are unable to access basic necessities such as food, water and healthcare.

We work in hospitals and clinics throughout the country, where we are running some of our biggest programmes worldwide.

Our teams provide basic and specialised healthcare and respond to emergencies and outbreaks affecting isolated communities, internally displaced people and refugees from Sudan.


Why are we here?

Bringing Medical Care by Boat in South Sudan [ENG]

Bringing Care to the Swamps of South Sudan

South Sudan

Medical assistance for people seeking safety in swamplands

In Old Fangak MSF provides medical care to those fleeing violence

In South Sudan, people fleeing violence have taken refuge in Old Fangak (Jonglei state), an area surrounded by swamps and rivers which makes it difficult for armed groups to reach. The remote setting also makes it hard for people to reach medical care. Despite the logistical challenges, MSF manages to provide the only medical aid available here. This , from May 2018, is an example of what many people suffer in South Sudan and what MSF teams do to provide assistance.

Support to demobilized children in South Sudan – GIFs
South Sudan

“It is very gratifying to see former child soldiers being integrated back into their communities”

Interview 26 Feb 2019
South Sudan

125 women and girls seek emergency assistance in Bentiu after horrific sexual violence

Press Release 30 Nov 2018
Identical Twin Boys, 1 day old
South Sudan

Innovation: How ultrasound is saving lives in South Sudan 12 Nov 2018
Midwife Story

A name full of hope

Voices from the Field 30 Oct 2018
Alolish Jouda, health promoter
South Sudan

MSF resumes medical activities in Maban after suspension

Project Update 5 Oct 2018
Test and Treat, pilot programme Yambio
South Sudan

Helping Yambio’s demobilised child soldiers come to terms with their past

Project Update 5 Oct 2018
MSF hospital in Doro refugee camp
South Sudan

MSF suspends the majority of medical activities in Maban area after a violent attack

Statement 24 Jul 2018
Sudan: Providing healthcare to South Sudanese refugees in Kario camp

Hardships follow South Sudan’s refugees into Sudan’s East Darfur

Project Update 23 Jul 2018
Old Fangak Stories
Photo Story

A hospital in the swamp

20 Jul 2018
Photo Story