Yemeni chronicles
Indiscriminate bombings and chronic shortages of supplies and staff have led to the closure of more than half of Yemen's health facilities.

Recent outbreaks of diseases such as cholera and diphtheria and an upsurge in fighting have exacerbated the already dire humanitarian situation in Yemen.

More than three million people have been displaced since the war started in 2015.

With an estimated 20 million in need of humanitarian assistance, our activities in Yemen are among our most extensive worldwide.

We currently provide support to more than 12 hospitals and health centres in 11 governorates across the country.

Cholera outbreak in Yemen

A timeline of more than three years of war

Project Update 4 Apr 2018

Why are we here?

What are our teams seeing today?

Airstrike hits Abs hospital in Hajjah

Death toll rises to 19 in airstrike on MSF-supported Abs hospital in Hajjah

Project Update 16 Aug 2016
Airstrike hits Abs hospital in Hajjah

Eleven people dead and at least 19 injured after airstrike hits Abs hospital in Hajjah

Statement 15 Aug 2016
Dialysis center in Al-Jumhori hospital in Sana’a, Yemen

Dialysis treatment at breaking point

Press Release 26 Jul 2016

Treating gunshot, grenade and mine injuries in Aden

Voices from the Field 15 Jun 2016
Two months into ceasefire Taiz, Yemen

In the two months of ‘ceasefire’, at least 700 civilians injured by heavy fighting in Taiz

Press Release 14 Jun 2016
Rocket Destruction Taiz Yemen

122 people severely wounded in one day as fighting pounds the city of Taiz

Project Update 6 Jun 2016
Medical and mental healthcare for people displaced by violence in the Lake Chad area.

A call for action beyond summits - reflections on the World Humanitarian Summit

Report 23 May 2016
Dr Joanne Liu at UNSC meeting
Attacks on medical care

MSF President to UN Security Council: "Stop these attacks"

Statement 3 May 2016
Yemen.Shiara hospital bleeding after attack.

Crisis update - April 2016

Crisis Update 29 Apr 2016